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[Minecraft] Tekkit Legends Server
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Tekkit Legends Server


Some of you may already know but to make it clear to everyone I announce that as of today the EliteArmy community has a properly functioning Minecraft Server which is open to public.

It is running on 1.7.10 with the latest Tekkit Legends modpack on it. I would go as far to say it has been functioning in a (sort of) testing phase without a problem for some time now.

About the modpack, Tekkit Legends features some very powerful mods that work moderately well together. Giving a full-feature review on it would be impossible for me as I don't know every mod in the pack. It packs 70+ mods with tons of new items from computers to witchcraft. You can write programs on computers, breed trees and bees, transmute objects into other objects, have multiple energy generators and consumers, advanced machinery, trains and whatnot, the list is very long. There are of course lots of websites that help you in understanding all the mods and giving tutorials on how things work but I'm sure you can ask a player who's been playing this modpack for a long time to give you tips and tricks on how to start playing.

Information about rules:

The MC server specific rules are currently under discussion so while they are finalized the General Community Rules and common sense apply on the server. There are no banned items currently but this is also subject to change.


To be able to play on the server please follow the step-by-step guide below:
Spoiler: How to get your computer to do your bidding
Step one: Get a copy of Minecraft from https://minecraft.net (if you don't own a legal copy of the game but would still like to play on the server but have no idea how to, please contact me and I'll guide you)
Step two: Get the Technic Launcher from https://www.technicpack.net
Step three: Install the Technic Launcher and log in with your username / email + password combination (depends on the type of the account, if you have a minecraft.net account you can use your username but if you converted it into a mojang account then you'll need to use your email address)
Step four: Go to the Modpacks tab of the Launcher and search for Tekkit Legends
Step five: Select the Tekkit Legends modpack and click on install
Step six: Let the installer do the hard work for you
Step seven: Start up the modpack by clicking on the (relatively) big "Play" button (right next to the "Delete pack" button so be very careful!)
Step eight: Add the .EA# Tekkit Legends Server to your server list. IP:
Step nine: Profit!

Last but not least everyone please enjoy your stay on the server, tell your family and friends about it, feel free to invite them to play, the more the merrier and if there is any problem contact either in-game Mods or Staff members or me.

-- Vination

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06 June 2017 18:24
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